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Evening Activities

At Camp Jamison, not only do we fill our days with incredible activities, but the nights are jammed packed too! Evening activity is the time when the entire camp unites and camper enthusiasm & spirit peaks! Below is a list of the evening activities your camper will be experiencing this summer.

Monday: Ice Cream Social

At the Ice Cream Social campers will get to continue to form relationships with their new bunkmates over ice cream sundaes! We also use this time to begin to form our community and talk about the story and history of Camp Jamison and initiate campers into the “5 Year Camper Club”

Tuesday: BINGO

Camp Jamison’s whole camp BINGO! A new tradition to Camp Jamison that started in 2016 will be back again this summer! Campers have their chance to win in this game of luck!

Wednesday: Carnival

The Annual Camp Jamison Carnival is a tradition that goes back to the beginning! It is put on by our CITs and is a time of games, crafts, and delicious treats.

Thursday: Campfire

Camp Jamison’s campfire and Native American pageant. We get together as a whole camp to hear the story of the Native American pageant and celebrate our Cross and Eagle award winners. We then sing campfire songs and eat s’mores.