Trading Post

TP Account

Camp Jamison offers a Trading Post known by campers as TP.  Campers will be able to go to TP two times a day.  At the Trading Post will be Camp Jamison souvenirs, toys, snacks, and juice boxes.  Campers will be allowed to purchase two snacks and one juice each time along with one souvenir.  With this limit the maximum amount of money each camper would need to have is $20 for food and snacks and then whatever money you would like your camper to have for souvenirs.  No child’s TP account should exceed $40.   TP is an extra bonus for campers and is not a necessity.  Even without getting a snack at TP campers will be well fed!


Trading Post Accounts
Camper’s Name

Below is a preview of some items that will be sold along with prices

$1.00 – $2.00


50¢ – $1.00



Mini Flashlight


Finger beam flashlight


Friendship bracelet


Camp Jamison Notebook


Camp Jamison Water Bottle

Campers should NOT have any cash with them.
All Trading Post balances over $5.00 at the end of the summer will be refunded. All balances under $5.00 at the end of the summer will be considered a donation to our 2018 Camp Jamison session.