Dr. Shaikha BuAli


board chair

Dr. Shaikha BuAli grew up in the Kingdom of Bahrain, a small Island in the Near East, and moved to Philadelphia in 2010. Shaikha is a strong advocate for ensuring access to educational opportunities and raising environmental awareness.

Shaikha grew up with a love and appreciation for the environment. She has been a part of the GLOBE Program (Global Learning and Observation to Benefit the Environment) for 2 decades. She is passionate about bringing opportunities that tie education and the environment to youth. She believes that hands-on science while working with others in the outdoors teaches youth how to engage in learning that is fun while also developing critical social skills, decision-making skills, and leadership skills! Having engaged in many trips herself over the years, she often speaks to the life-changing experience of her youth and how meeting others who shared the same love and passion also built a sense of community and created lifelong friendships.

Shaikha graduated with her Doctorate in Educational Leadership and Administration from Drexel University. Her Masters from Holy Family University was in Elementary and Special Education, and her Bachelor of Science from The Kingdom University in Bahrain was in Management Information Systems. Shaikha has been an educational leader in the greater Philadelphia area for over a decade and is currently the Chief Academic Officer at a Charter School..

Shaikha is a mom to three amazing daughters, all who are passionate about overnight camp and the environment!

Pennsylvania, USA