Inaugural Hoops for Camp Jamison Event… a Slam Dunk!

Although our hometown team, the Villanova Wildcats, did not bring home a championship, we still consider this event to have been a slam dunk! We wanted to thank everyone for their participation and say congratulations to all the winners! With your help (all 100+ of you who made brackets), we were able to raise $2,000+, which will help cover medical supply costs for our Health Center as well as program supplies (including basketballs!).

Hoops for Camp Jamison

Want to prove you’re the basketball guru of the office or family? Want to see if your dog can tell the future? Look no further than Hoops for Camp Jamison, our first annual March Madness bracket challenge fundraiser! The NCAA Division I men’s basketball tournaments starts with a bracket of 64 teams. Before Thursday, March…